It is better than the guest room has no other function, but this is not always possible, especially when the house has few rooms. In this case, the most common thing is that the office is also used as a guest room. But to do this, it is good to remember: “remove everything you may need to use from the office during this time, it will be uncomfortable for you and your guests to use the space as an office during this time. Also, try not to enter and leave the room too often, and ask permission every time you go into the room. Receiving is an option and the priority is the guest, we always have to think that the guest does not want to get in the way of the house routine and probably maybe embarrassed to request something that you have forgotten.

So, the idea is to leave in the room items that are essential to everyone who is out of the house, like:

– wifi password;

– Personal hygiene kit: toothbrush and paste, soap, shampoo and conditioner, hand and body moisturizer, and shower cap;

– Pillows: one higher and one lower, at least one of each;

– Blanket or blanket;

– Bed set;

– Complete set of towels: bath, face, hand, and make-up (the latter preferably in a dark color, so that the guest does not feel embarrassed if subjected to the towel with make-up);

– Jar of water and glass: change every morning and also at night, before the guest collects;

– Bedside lamp;

– Pharmacy kit: analgesic, anti-allergic, nasal decongestant, alcohol gel, absorbents, band-aid, cotton, cotton swab, and tissue;

Hangers and at least one free drawer and shelf, as well as space on the pole to hang clothes

The essential furniture to have in the guest room is a bed, bedside table or auxiliary table, and a chair or bench for the suitcase. If the room is small, the ones we can discard our shelves, trunks, or any type that occupies a lot of space.

If space holds, the best is to opt for two single box beds, which can join and become a double bed, this way you can receive both two friendly people and a couple. If space does not allow, have a single bed with an auxiliary bed. It is best to choose a higher model so that the auxiliary bed is not too low, which can be very uncomfortable for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.


If you want to spoil your guests, even more, some items placed in the room may make them feel that you are happy to welcome them, they are:

– Key to your home with a welcome note

– A fruit basket

– Chocolates and cookies

– A coffee maker with several cookie options.

– A book with a dedication for him to take when he goes away

-New bedroom chisels

-Bathroom set

-Television with cable channels

-Mobile Charger

Another tip is to spray perfumed water proper for sheets when you go to fix the bed. But, in this case, it is important to verify if your guest is not allergic to scents. Besides, knowing the alimentary restrictions in advance to provide the necessary food indicates that more care and attention is needed.

It is also necessary to have some care when planning the carpentry and decoration. Be aware of these recommendations:

-Bed: Choose a comfortable sofa bed or a box bed with a mattress cover and pillows similar to a sofa. When used in the bedroom option, simply replace the comforter cover with a bedspread and add pillows and blankets.

-Stands and work tables: opt for a bench in place of the table. This space is usually used as a support for daily use materials and workbenches, and will now serve as a support for guests. The hanging shelf with door hides books and stationery. When the room is used as a bedroom, these books and stationery should not be displayed.

– Electronic products: carpentry design to incorporate printers, routers, and modems and their wires.

– Computer or notebook: it is best to choose a newspaper so you can work elsewhere while guests are at home. It is more difficult to disassemble a PC from space.