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Teas that can bring benefits in difficult times!

In this time of pandemic, quarantine, we talk about feelings such as anxiety and sadness, tension, concern. From this article, we will talk about teas that help to calm and bring comfort to the life of those who consume them. They are herbal infusions that together, bring a comfortable and well being to people, outside that to make a tea, there is a special preparation that detaches love, affection, and dedication from those who make, and this is also one of the factors that bring healing to the person affected by some evil.

Let’s see the different recipes and peculiarities that you can enjoy with these teas in your life routine because for each moment there is a specific type of tea.

Among the most common functions, we can talk about white teas, which are antioxidants, green teas, which are detox, red teas which are energetic, black teas which are digestive, relaxing blues.

People are looking for knowledge on teas because they are more retained in their homes lately, looking for relaxing teas, antioxidants, slimming, anti-stress, for insomnia, all of these are very used, and there is a lot of demand because teas are being used even for the afternoon snack to accompany Grandma’s homemade cake.

In this occasion of being at home without being able to go out, if administered the correct tea, we can have a decrease in anxiety, compulsion, and hunger for not having what to do, because in this situation of pandemic these symptoms become quite common and a simple and tasty tea can solve the problem.

Considering the pandemic environment, which will spread feelings related to tension and stress, it is recommended to use some soothing herbs. Besides the traditional chamomile, the list includes melissa, lemongrass, fennel, and magnolia. Another tip is the passion fruit flower (passiflora leaf), which has a calming effect.

For example, passion fruit, melissa, and chamomile can be used in infusions, which have an incredibly calming effect and can make the body fall asleep. It reduces hormones during the day and increases hormones at night, thus increasing the GABA, which is a relaxing neurotransmitter, so that the person begins to disconnect.

-For people who fast intermittently and drink water and tea-like dandelions, fennel can produce an incredible cleaning effect. The body’s response to any disease is much easier and its defenses are stronger.

In fact, besides relaxation, another matter of great concern for tea consumers is to improve the function of the immune system. For this reason, options such as ginger, saffron root tea, mallow, cat’s claw, vanilla Bacarella, etc. are indicated.

Enjoy these tips and live better your days with these little chains that make your health improve within these difficult times we are living, you can even have pots with your favorite teas in your backyard, use your creativity, live better, look for the solution in the simple things of life.

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