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Organize your trousseau!

Wedding trousseau:

What is the wedding trousseau?


The trousseau is a kind of “kit” that couples put together before the wedding. It consists of a few everyday items that will be important for your life together.

This includes some decorative pieces, bed, table and bath linen, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, etc.

In fact, the composition of the trousseau for a wedding is up to the bride and groom, according to their needs and preferences. Putting together the trousseau has been a tradition since before our grandmothers, but it has become more practical and functional. While, before, the focus was on the richness of the details, today it is much more focused on the usefulness and functionality for the day to day of the lovebirds.

What should not be missing in a wedding trousseau?


You can put together your wedding trousseau as you see fit, but there are some things that cannot be left out! Keep an eye on this basic list!

– Sets of sheets

– Pillow covers or pillowcases

– Face towels

– Bath towels

– Bathroom mats

– Bathrobes

– Bathrobe

– Blanket or comforter

– Table towels

– American games

– Dishcloths

And remember that you don’t need to overdo it: don’t go buying everything in bulk. Think about what you will really need and what you will actually use in the beginning of your life as a couple.

Do I need to buy everything on this list?

This list is not a rule, but it indicates what you are likely to need in the day to day life of married life. If your money is tight, don’t be shy and start slowly. Not everything happens overnight, right?

Go organizing your trousseau little by little, buying one thing at a time and according to what sounds like a priority to you. By the way, you don’t need to buy a large variety of each of these items: one of each is a good start. No one knows more about your routine than you do, so no stress, girl!


How to choose the pieces for the wedding trousseau?

Use practicality as a premise for choosing the pieces for your trousseau. Look for classic and easy-to-combine colors, which can be harmonized with any environment. Also, try to maintain a standardization so that your new home has an identity.

As for the fabrics, pay more attention to quality than to quantity! There is no point in investing in cheaper versions that will have a short life span. Remember, too, that it is always more advantageous to opt for fabrics that are practical and easy to maintain. Keep your focus when shopping and you will only see advantages!


Do I buy before or wait for the wedding list gifts?

The best thing is to assemble the outfit little by little, according to your financial conditions and as you find what you really like. But on the day of the party, there is a good chance that you will get a lot of repeated items.

Stay calm! If you decide to go shopping little by little, prepare your wedding list without including items you have already bought – this way the chances of getting something you already have are greatly reduced. Not to mention that in our current reality, exchanging a gift is not difficult at all, is it? Don’t get attached to this detail!

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