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Main eyebrow techniques thread by thread!

Eyebrow thread by thread is one of the novelties created to make women’s lives easier and of course, make them even more beautiful. The micro pigmentation technique consists basically of redesigning the eyebrow, eliminating flaws, and imperfections.

The eyebrow thread by thread follows that same idea of permanent makeup, is like a tattoo. And that is why it has such good and lasting results.

Besides, they enhance the look and in a way the face, since it is the eyebrows that give expression to the look because a woman with a well-done eyebrow feels much safer and more beautiful.


How is the eyebrow made thread by thread?


As we said above, the eyebrow thread by thread is like a tattoo. That’s why it is necessary to be very careful when choosing the professional because if you are not satisfied with the result, it will bring some headaches.

The first step of micro-pigmentation is the shape of the eyebrow. The professional performs all measurements and markings of the ideal eyebrow for each type of face. Only after that does the micro-pigmentation work itself begin.

The professional will then fill in the flaws of the eyebrow and redesign it in a harmonic way for each face.

How long does it last?


The duration of micro-pigmentation depends a lot on the skin of each person. However, the pigmentation usually remains on the skin for 1 to 2 years, during this time retouching can be done every 6 months.

Does it hurt to do the micro-pigmentation?


Remember when we say that the eyebrow thread by thread is like a tattoo? This happens because the pigment needs to be placed on the skin and so the procedure hurts a little, but it is not unbearable. To help with this pain, several professionals use anesthetic ointments that make everything more tranquil.

Pros and cons of the eyebrows thread by thread.


The pros for the realization of the procedure is the practicality it brings to everyday life. So the woman does not have to worry about correcting her eyebrow.

There are not many cons, but some against indications. The technique is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or women who are using some acid on their skin.

In addition, people who suffer from diabetes or illnesses that present healing difficulty as symptoms must present medical authorization to perform the procedure. However, if the situation is normal, the procedure can be carried out calmly.

Main eyebrow techniques thread by thread.



The micro pigmentation is ideal for those who want full eyebrows and the same beat with a regular finish. The technique consists of using the demographer, a device with ultrafine needles that implant the pigment according to the different types of skin. Anesthetics can help ease the pain of the procedure, which has the durability of up to 2 years depending on the skin of each person.



This technique is done by freehand with the use of tebori, an instrument with linear or circular micro blades that, when in contact with the skin, deposits the pigment in the eyebrow region. The bites bother a little but are bearable. The procedure can last up to 2 years. Both microblading and micro-pigmentation are techniques that imitate the shape of the threads and, therefore, are also known as eyebrows thread by thread 3D.

Other eyebrow techniques yarn by yarn.


There are still other less-known techniques, but they can give an incredible effect on your eyebrows. Meet some of them: Ombré Lines

The effect of shoulder lines on the eyebrows aims to create a subtle effect with the darkening of the bow. Using the tebori or demography, the “beginning” of the eyebrows gets a lighter color, creating a well-demarcated degrade. Thus, the technique fills in the gaps and values the features of the face. It can also last up to 2 years.

Shadow Lines.


Those who like highlighted eyebrows can bet on shadow lines. Like ombré lines, this technique allows the use of tebori or demographic. The effect, however, is to create a shadow between the threads, giving the impression of thicker and fuller eyebrows. The durability is from 1 to 2 years.

Another successful micro pigmentation technique is smoky eyebrow. This procedure, however, differs from the yarn to the yarn method. The idea is to color the skin that sustains the threads with organic pigments, always appreciating the naturalness and harmony of the shape of the eyebrows. The effect is very similar to the filling made with shadow and the durability is less in relation to the other techniques mentioned above – about 6 months.

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