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How can Vitamin D be absorbed by our body?

Vitamin D! Is it essential for the good functioning of the organism? What are its benefits?

This wonder can be absorbed in the body, by sun exposure, through a good diet, and also by food supplements.

It is recommended the use of supplements always indicated by a doctor because it is necessary for exams to correctly analyze the levels of vitamins of your organism.

VITAMIN D, what is it?

A liposoluble essential nutrient, known as vitamin D2, ergocalciferol, and Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, the two forms can be acquired through the correct diet, sunlight, and supplementation.

It serves for the proper functioning of the body, about bones, teeth, and heart function. It also helps to regulate the level of phosphorus and calcium, thus increasing the absorption in bones and muscles. For women it is very important, because in the menopause phase and with the reduction of estrogen, it decreases the action of vitamin D, and decreases the absorption of calcium in the bones, causing osteopenia and osteoporosis. Maintaining the level of vitamin D prevents these bone fractures and osteoporosis.


Importance of vitamin D in women’s health.

This vitamin is indispensable for women’s health. During their formation, the adolescent woman who has control and replaces this vitamin prevents polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and also infertility.

Vitamin D is responsible for preventing complications at the time of delivery, also prevents gestational diabetes, prevents low fetal weight, and also helps in-vitro fertilizations, and in menopause phosphorus and calcium are essential in the blood.


Vitamin D and depression

Studies reveal that the lack of vitamin D in people more than 50 years old causes depression, sadness, carrying people who already have this disease can usually be treated with vitamin D because it was verified that vitamin D helps taken together with the treatment for it.

For people who have depression is essential to have control of nutrients to see if there is a need for supplementation.

Patients with depression are in the risk group because usually, they don’t feel like leaving home, and it is necessary to leave to take the sunlight because this way they can replace the nutrient that is missing.


How to know when vitamin D is low?

Only doctors who can ask for exams can diagnose the level of vitamin in a person’s organism, and generally, when this happens the symptoms that present themselves are:

Muscular spasms, tiredness, malaise, and weakness, sore muscles and bones, osteoporosis, and bone weakness.


– What are the causes of low vitamin D?

It has a great number of diseases that can be prevented with good control of vitamin D. When it is low, muscle weakness, cancer, cardiovascular problems, bone weakness, asthma colds, flu, rheumatic arthritis, and obesity manifest themselves.


 Increase vitamin D!

Consume foods that contain the substance such as, tuna, salmon mushrooms, egg yolk, cheese, seek your doctor and see a balanced supplementation in gum, capsules, and pills, oils that you can find in pharmacies and drugstores. The gummy bears are tasty and easy to absorb to help in the supplementation of children.


 what can be done when vitamin D is low?

The very low level of this nutrient in the organism can mean some disease, as well as inadequate nutrition, lack of sun exposure, among other factors.

Many factors trigger the level of this low nutrient in the body, it can be a bad diet, lack of exposure to the sun, etc … any symptom that can cause you to have pain in the bones, malaise, weakness, seek immediately your doctor for a proper replacement for you.


What is the relation of Vitamin D X SOL?

It is acquired through sunlight, at about 20 minutes exposure per day, being in the morning at 10:00, and at 15:00 preferably without sunblock for better absorption of vitamin D. After these 20 minutes in the sun, you can prevent yourself from using the sunscreen of at least factor 30.


– Does sunscreen prevent the production of vitamin D?

Research shows that the use of sunscreen does not prevent the absorption of vitamin D.

The great concern of the population is that the use of sun protection prevents the necessary absorption of vitamin D, and it was discovered that it does not influence the absorption so that it would have to be disseminated this information so that people do not have precocious aging and skin cancer for lack of protection.

So it is certain that the use of sun protectors is always very important thus maintaining the health of your skin.


Vitamin D fattening?

The vitamin D is essential to combat obesity, researches say that people with high rates of vitamin D in the body have greater ease in losing visceral fat, because vitamin D helps in metabolism and reduces hunger.



Vitamin D guarantees good health for the individual, and brings many benefits balance, because the vitamin regulates the vascular cardio health, regulating the calcium and iron in the blood, also prevents childhood rickets, helps in the fight against autoimmune diseases, and prevents depression, being able to replenish it through moderate sunbathing, a good diet and supplementation indicated by your doctor. It is important to emphasize that vitamin D does not alter the weight and thus helps the metabolism, it is also not harmed by the use of sunscreen when sunbathing.

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