What do you think about pets being part of your life? Wouldn’t living with a puppy or kitten be something that would add to your life? Wouldn’t a pet be good for you to keep your life healthier? All this is true, but we have to think that animals are living beings, and have our respect and care.


Let’s see now, what are the benefits that these friends bring to have a happier and healthier life:

We can start by talking about exercising our bodies. Who doesn’t like to have a good company to walk, or run on the beach, finally, have you ever thought that your dog can be this company and that besides you be doing something to have a healthy life and benefiting yourself, you can be together with your pet, giving it attention and care? Yes, because this exchange is something that brings you emotional and physical mental health, besides that your pet is happy to be with you.

We can also talk here about a very difficult subject between first-time moms, who are afraid to let their babies get involved with pets. The earlier a child relates to his pet, the fewer allergies and problems he will have in the future.

It is also very important to say that the child develops high esteem, socialization capacity, the release of hormones that bring well being and happiness. In this time of the pandemic, and lack of socialization, the animals are bringing comfort to the whole family, because these four-legged superheroes or even their little fish, can make their day different, lighter, they can supply something we were so used to, that only in this time we can have the perception that there is much need and brings a lot of lack of coexistence in society, or even in the family,

Many centuries ago animals like cats and dogs were trained to keep company and create a bond with people, so the dependence they have when it comes to the owner, and it is very important the care that has to be given to them, such as food, vaccines, comfort, care…


Which would be the right pet for you?


It is always important to stop and think about which animal, which breeds, which size, whether it has hair or not… There are several types of research that we have to do before a conscious adoption. Always remember that an animal did not ask to be adopted or bought, so we have the responsibility that we are doing something that we can assume, and that this pet will not be abandoned or discarded, for lack of discernment on your part, there is a responsibility for the rest of this animal’s life in your hands, and because of this thing very well, because the pet feels love for its owner, and suffers a lot of mistreatment.

A curiosity that can help you is that felines see the owners as their peers, so they do not need the attention that dogs need, and they are independent, although they are affectionate, while dogs understand the family as their pack and drive as orders of the “alpha”, that is, the owner.


Where in your home will your animal be able to stay? Do you have a yard or a place for your circulation? Small pets like birds, rats, fish…. these are small animals that do not occupy a place and are not as dependent as dogs and cats for example.

remember that this pet is your responsibility as long as he lives, so study and see if you can assume responsibility for such importance.

We have to think also if we are alone how to take care, if the pet can be alone or if it is more dependent. What if you have a family? Will everyone agree with your decision to adopt this pet?

Remember also that if you have a child at home, under six years old, you will have to teach him/her how to treat the pet concerning avoiding mistreatment, because many times a very small child can do without wanting to hurt the pet. And the family has to agree with the adoption so that there are no future conflicts.


Age is also an important factor in the choice of dogs and cats, if you do not want to follow all the intensity of a puppy prefer the animals that have one year or more, try to research because often your favorite breed is not what works in your lifestyle is always good to know better about the pet before you adopt, its level of activity, which animals are more active, which are more peaceful … finally research.

Why is it important to adopt? a little animal?

There is a huge rate of abandoned and mistreated animals. The conscience is that a pet is not an object of discarding when it has problems when it gets old or sick when it loosens a lot of hair or pees out of place.

When people abandon, some people collect these abandoned animals and try to replace these pets in other families, and many times they don’t succeed, thus making there is overcrowding in shelters.

Remember that castration is very important, it makes your little animal healthier, and it prevents the super population.

Usually, pets that have been dumped on the street are needy and because of the work and mistreatment, they are more affectionate and kinder. When the adoption is done, you are giving a home for a little animal to have a new chance to be happy, and bring happiness to your family.



Pets are used in therapeutic medicine. They bring joy to recovery clinics, hospitals, asylums, and help improve people’s emotional and physical health.

In prisons, pets have been a way to bring calmness, in certain penitentiaries, inmates train dogs to be used as companions and guide dogs.

Dogs like Labrador and Golden do this work, after a year that was trained by inmates are taken to help someone who needs, thus providing welfare to inmates who are in contact with the pets, and working, as for those who need the care so meticulous of our heroes pets.