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Body, soul and spirit…gift from God.

We are a physical body, and we carry a spirit. We can with this combo, of body soul and spirit live and interact in the world, to learn, evolve, be better people every day. We are divine creation, perfect, and complex, our body manifests itself, and when there is something wrong when we are feeling some discomfort, pain or discomfort, we receive a signal from the body at the nerve endings, reaching to the brain and alerting us that something is wrong.

The care we should have with our body has to start from our daily habits, in the correct diet, physical exercises, hydration, because our body is a vehicle that needs to be used correctly for long and healthy life, because sedentarism makes the body machine rust, bringing irreparable future problems.

Each person has his or her own particular limit referring to the combo, body, soul, and spirit. We know how far our emotions and conditions can go, that’s why we have to take care of something very natural in recent times, happens with people who have unregulated or exaggerated lives, with levels of stress and worries, emotional background or work overload, we talk about somatization, have you ever heard this word somewhere? Do you know what it means? Do you know what it causes and how it heals? Summarization is unique and exclusive to each person’s problem, each one has their problem, their structure, their Achilles’ heel, and many times it’s so heavy that it causes an imbalance in the “combo”. The great thing to do is to seek a balance, a personal evaluation, the search for this balance.

In the running life of recent times, we never stop to take care of our spiritual life. We should seek prayer, meditation, silence the soul and care for the spirit, stop what you want in the physical world and feed the spirit, take care of what you truly need to have true balance.

When these areas come together and need these special cares, we can bring out these essential cares and automatically take care of the triad, the combo, body, soul, and spirit. It would be something supernatural linking the secular, natural to the supernatural, thus balancing bringing the necessary strategy to keep life aligned, just leave aside the boycott you do with yourself, and listen to the messages of your body from your mind pay attention to yourself, and not boycott yourself, putting into practice your wills and desires.

Let’s see what you like to do? Let’s get a good book, listen to music, go to the movies, play with the children with the dog, cook, travel, take a waterfall bath, beach, pool, go out with friends… Finally what you do for you, be at least one day of the week your priority, seek help, from a doctor, psychologist, friend priest, pastor finally, pride has never done good to anyone, allow yourself, enjoy yourself, shorten yourself, life goes by, do not let the activism or psychosomatic diseases take care of what is best, “you”, well accompanied by your body, your soul and your spirit, with peace and with much love in the heart, enjoying life with the true meaning that it has, a great gift from God.

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