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Wonders of Lemon!

The lemon is a fruit that brings a lot of nutrition and besides this, it has several other qualities that bring many benefits to a person’s life. We can talk about it for nutrition, health, home, animals, aromatization, cleaning and much more, full of nutrients for the best functioning of the body, deserves emphasis for acting in various organs and systems … see here in this article what the lemon does good for you and your family.

The lemon tree, the lemon tree, is not so leafy, more of the flowers and has no perfume like the orange tree, but is very effective to have in the backyard.

Although the fruit is sour, because of its citric acid content. The British navy, demands that the sailors consume at least 30ml of lemon juice per day, to avoid scurvy, because the fruit is rich in vitamin C, and this tradition happens for more than a century. Lemon serves to deodorize and humidify environments.

The humidifier of the environment for dry days and deodorize.

Boil in a pan, a liter of water, and add the peel of a lemon, peel of an orange, cinnamon sticks, and carnations, let the water boil in low heat to remove well the fragrances. After boiling, wait for it to be shredded and put it in a sprayer, to deodorize the environment.

kitty sandbox!

Do you have kittens? They probably use sandboxes to make their needs.

To neutralize the odor, cut the fruit in half and arrange the piece where the sandboxes are, so the odor will disappear and soon the aroma of the lemon will stand out.

 Refrigerator odors.

Make sure you take out of your refrigerator everything that was releasing odor, after this squeeze the juice of a lemon in a cotton ball or a sponge, and wait a few hours to check if the odor came out, you will see the aroma that the fruit leaves and eliminate the odor.

Clean aluminum.

With half of a lemon-Sicilian, you rub in the pot, inside and out, and can polish with a soft cloth.

How to clean the kitchen board.

We usually use the kitchen board to cut meat, onions, tomatoes, vegetables, fish … to remove the odor from the board, rub half a lemon, or rub the juice of the pure lemon, this will make the odor come out of the board.

Clean the microwave.

If your microwave is splashed with pieces of food, you can make a solution of three and a half scoops of lemon-siciliano in a cup and a half of water, take this solution to the microwave and turn on for five minutes, let the steam condense on the oven walls, and clean with a dishcloth to remove the waste. This procedure will not let your oven be damaged and will stay clean.

No bad breath!

The juice of the lemon is acidic and alters the PH of your mouth, thus refreshing your breath. When you take the lemon juice, make a cheek and swallow the juice, after that drinking water and wash your mouth with water, because the acid of the lemon, when not removed can spoil the enamel of your teeth.


Do you have dandruff?

Squeeze the juice of a lemon -Sicilian on your scalp and massage well, then wash normally, applying one more spoon of lemon on the hair and let it dry. Do this every time you wash, at least in fifteen days dandruff will come out and will stop the itching.

Dry Elbows.

Make a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, and lemon-siciliana juice until it forms a paste, with this paste massage your elbow to soften and remove the stains, because this paste is acid and abrasive. It will work if you do this at least once a week.

Lemon improves mood and anxiety.

Do you have digestion problems? The lemon juice eliminates toxins, similar to saliva, its composition breaks down unwanted fluids, helping the liver to produce bile, a secretion that helps digestion. The lemon has properties that make it relieve the intestinal tract and stomach, giving relief through burps and flatulence.

We can also tell you that the lemon contains significant levels of flavones, and with the ingestion of it, there is a lower chance of risk of esophageal cancer.

We can also talk about mood improvement and anxiety reduction. Lemon oil has anxiolytic, a natural antidepressant, which is absorbed by neurotransmitters.

It also helps in maintaining body weight, because lemon peel polyphenols reduce body fat by diets, regulating hyperglycemia and insulin resistance, as lemons have pectin and fiber, this helps to fight food cravings.

Rich in vitamin C, the fruits strengthen the immune system, are rich in potassium, which stimulates the brain and nervous system, and regulates blood pressure.

The lemons are also anti-inflammatory, widely used in cases of asthma, and respiratory diseases finally the ascorbic acid also retains the iron consumed in the body, also contains saponins that have anti-microbial properties, which fight flu and colds.

Being one of the most alkaline foods, they are acids by themselves, but when ingested they become alkaline. The pains and inflammations of the joints and uric acid are alleviated when ingesting lemon juice, because the citric and ascorbic acid, are facilitators of metabolism and allow the improvement of alkaline levels in the body.

Vitamin C and A and antioxidants help to combat free radicals softening wrinkles and skin spots, also reduces acne, can be applied directly on scars because it softens and improves the appearance of the skin, lemon juice helps to cure from inside to outside.

Excellent fruit to combat infections, such as tonsillitis, sore throat, for being bactericidal. Making gargle with lemon and water is excellent for killing bacteria.

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