The Power of Tooth Whitening: Before and After!

Teeth whitening is a technique that has become very popular in the last years due to the aesthetic appeal for white and well-aligned teeth.

Aesthetics is an area that currently is much more complete with resources in all sectors, whether in rejuvenation treatments, skin care, hair, and makeup. There is no lack of options for people to become more and more beautiful and well cared for!
Dentistry could not be left out of this, after all, what could be more aesthetic than a beautiful smile? Dentistry is the area of dentistry that takes care of the aesthetics of the smile. Without a doubt, it is an important part of good appearance.
The technological innovations to treat teeth and recover self-esteem are also becoming more and more sophisticated and with options. The champion of requests in the dental offices is whitening. Yellowed and stained teeth, either due to the consumption of products or foods with pigments, coffee, certain soft drinks, teas, sweets, etc., and also due to smoking, are being successfully solved. Check here, at Smilesology, the result of this transformation.


Laser whitening is the most attractive among the different techniques. Besides being faster, since the effect is immediate, it can last for up to two years. It can be concluded in up to three consultations. To reinforce and maintain the treatment even more, there are some bleaching tips to be done at home, but always with the guidance of a professional. These are:
Prefabricated molds – These are used for whitening that do not require a lot of daily use. The disadvantage is that they are made in one size, which can be tight or loose. But since the wearing time is short, they don’t cause as much discomfort.
Individual molds – these are made with the mold of the patient’s dental arches, so the fit is perfect. The advantage of this model is that it is possible to sleep using the mold without any discomfort. You must buy the kit with the gel to apply the products your dentist prescribed. The ideal is twice a day for twenty minutes, but each case requires different care.
Whitening toothpastes – whiten teeth gradually. The first results can be noticed in the first week of use. It is an excellent option for maintenance for those who have had their teeth whitened at the dentist’s office.


There are some situations that contraindicate tooth whitening. They are
– Periodontal disease
– Sensitivity in the teeth
– Exposed root
– Allergy to the product
For pregnant or breastfeeding women it is advisable to wait until the end of the period. Children should also not undergo the whitening. Talk to your dentist, ask questions and find the most appropriate way to perform your treatment and have whiter and brighter teeth.

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