Shampoo bar, From the body to the head!

Dermatologist doctors are doing studies for healthy hair life to be more effective and cheaper. Check out the shampoo soaps here in this article!

Washing hair with soap ‘many times may seem something harmful, and many people are adhering to this practice, because it is practical and cheap, we just need is to have some care with the composition of this product.

Because the results can be surprising, it is usually good for all hair types, especially for wavy hair.


Who is it good for?


For dry, frizzy or slightly frizzy hair, white and thick hair, they need the oiliness that the scalp produces, and there is a component in “certain shampoos” that acts as a detergent, thus removing this necessary oiliness, this product is sodium lauryl ether sulfate.


Body and Hair!

The NO/LOW POO Movement, (sulfate-free shampoo), was a movement of people to have healthier hair. The common shampoo promises many things to the hair, and usually the chemical that promotes so many wonders at the same time brings damage to the hair.

However, the soaps when they do not contain ether and sulfate, can bring many benefits and still leave hair healthy by making a barrier of natural fat on the threads, this fat keeps the necessary moisture that hair needs.


 How to use it?


Apply the lather of the soap with your hand on the scalp, and if you prefer, pass the bar of soap directly on the scalp, massaging until you get the necessary lather, removing delicately with warm water, be careful not to get your hair tangled in the hair length, also use a conditioner so that you can comb without hurting the hair.


 How to make your soap turn into liquid shampoo.



1 bar of soap, 2 col. of Moisturizing Cream, 300 ml of filtered water, 1 col. of coconut or castor oil.

Grate the bar of soap and wait. Boil the water, add the grated soap and lower the heat while stirring until completely melted, and add the cream and oil, use after 24 hours of rest of this recipe. Put in a glass or plastic jar.


Watch the labels!

… Softening ingredients such as shea butter, vegetable oils, olive oil and nuts;

… Moisturizers such as panthenol, glycerin and sorbitol;

… Moisturizers such as aloe vera or aloe vera;

… Proteins such as wheat and soy;


I used it and loved it!!!

I’ve been hearing for a long time that solid shampoo is good for your hair, but I had a certain fear and preconception that it would leave my hair hard and dry.

I put aside all my fears and fears and everything that naturally paralyzes us when we are faced with something new, and I went to the fight my friends, this experience was very good, I confess to you that at first it is strange to pass a bar of soap on the head, but then it was something tremendously natural and my hair was wonderful, and also stopped falling.

After washing, I used a moisturizing cream on the lengths and ends as usual.

To my surprise my hair dried naturally, and it was as if I had blow dried and flat ironed my hair, the shine was amazing, I am truly adept at using this soap system to wash my hair, just don’t forget to check the labels for the composition, because this is what makes all the difference.

By Francini S.S

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