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Foot reflexology works by acting on the meridian points recognized by acupuncture and therefore bringing essential benefits for the good body and mental health.

But beyond these essential points, the technique also works on the relaxation of muscles, tendons, and joints. Some types of foot reflexology such as Chinese, Thai, French, and zonotherapy (which acts on the foot zones), also use essential oils.

The meridian points are related to body energy, or Chi energy, when this energy accumulates at a certain point can cause pain, discomfort, and suffering.


Foot reflexology acts on the meridian points recognized by acupuncture and, therefore, brings fundamental benefits for physical and mental health. However, besides these points, this technique can also relax muscles, tendons, and joints. Certain types of foot reflexology, such as China, Thailand, France, reflexology, and area therapy (acting in the area of the feet) also use essential oils. Meridian points are related to body energy or Chi energy. When this energy accumulates at a certain point, it causes pain, discomfort, and pain.


The technique acts by unblocking vital energy, favoring blood circulation, and the body’s immune system. It involves applying pressure to specific areas of the foot. The ancient Chinese art identified the main points related to the various organs of the human body and used them as methods of prevention or treatment of diseases, health disorders, stress, and psychological problems. The pressure on these points makes the brain create a chain action that ends up activating the related glands. The glands, by its turn, liberates the necessary secretions that should provide the cure.

The blood provides essential nutrients to all our organs to keep them healthy. By stimulating blood circulation, we encourage these organs to receive many nutrients. Besides, our lymphatic vessel system is also stimulated by increasing the body’s immunity against infections.



Among the benefits of foot reflexology, we can highlight the improvement of metabolism, relief of constipation and its unpleasant symptoms, improvement of stomach pain, relief of back or spine pain, relief of foot pain, and improvement of hormonal imbalance.

The pain in the feet is usually a sign of a spinal problem, which triggers other types of symptoms such as headaches, tasks these related symptoms can be treated effectively from this technique.

It is a type of massage that also favors the balance of the mind, relaxation, and maintains health in better condition.


– Constipation

– Change of pressure

– Constipation

– Spinal pain

– Labyrinthitis

– Swelling in the legs

– Kidney stones

– Asthma

– Hypertension

– Cholesterol

– Tired



The contraindications of reflexology are applied in cases of people with diabetes who present lesions on the feet, women in gestation, people who make use of the pacemaker, people in processes of allergy on the skin or dermatitis, people who present exposed varices, thrombosis, or fractures.



Did you know that in addition to foot reflexology, Aromatherapy treatment can be associated?

Oils and fragrances help a more complete treatment. Also, some health problems can be detected through professional evaluation based on the pressure applied and the pain that each person may feel, but foot massage can help to cure these diseases and restore general health.

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