Are you thinking about getting a tattoo, but still have no idea what image you want to engrave on your body? We are here to help you get inspired!

That’s why we’ve made an article, whether you’re looking for thin lines and delicate tattoos, for those who want to honor their family, their pet, or even to eternalize the friendship with your best friend…

Minimalist styles, are the most successful female tattoos are the minimalist and delicate ones. Designs with firm strokes, single color, and small size are usually chosen for those who want to get their first tattoo and get used to the idea of carrying an image forever on their body.

When you want to declare all your love for your pet?

Tattoos of our heart pets are cute and fun. You can get just the footprints of your kitty or even a trusty portrait of your puppy! This is one of the most successful tattoos for women of all ages and for all tastes. They look amazing and stylish.

Everyone has people they want to take with them for life! How about celebrating this friendship with a nice afternoon of tattooing together? Choose an image that is meaningful to everyone and have fun with them. Every time you look at your tattoo you will remember this special moment, this makes a bond forever and adorns your body.

We also talk to the owl moms, because having children is so transforming that many moms want to eternalize this moment with a beautiful and simple image tattooed forever on their body! You can bet on what moves you the most: either a black and white image or a particular symbolism that represents this unique bond for you.

Meaningful sentences and prayers, which mark a thought and eternalize a moment, are also part of tattoos. For most people, tattooing something on their body is to eternalize a feeling, a remarkable moment, or even a message that made a difference in their lives. And there are many tattoos with literal phrases or prayers that are inspiring for those who made them and for those who see them.

The watercolor technique is innovative, bringing back the color tattoo with full force. It mixes shades and searches for more organic lines, in which the colors mix together creating an eye-popping result. If you want a striking tattoo, consider the watercolor technique. It is beautiful and original!

If you’re that free soul who barely goes on a trip and is already planning the next one, the perfect tattoo for you is the one that reminds you of your adventures. Convinced travelers love to engrave their passion for the road on their skin. And there are very feminine and delicate tattoo options that will only bring back the best memories!

The lotus flower tattoo is adopted by many women who seek a strong and mystical figure. The meaning of the image is related to life, creation and spiritual purity. The lotus flower is, above all, a representation of feminine strength and an inspiration that many women are keen to carry on their bodies.

Always stop and think carefully about where on your body you will place the tattoo. If you want to leave it always exposed, choose forearms, feet, nape of the neck, or wrists. If you intend to tattoo in a place that can be hidden, choose the back, shoulders, arms or legs.

When choosing the design, try to imagine how big it will be on your body. Sometimes we fall in love with an image that is much larger than we intended to tattoo. In this case, think calmly if it is worth pursuing or choosing another one.

There are many styles and types of lines possible in a tattoo: watercolor style, fine lines, portraits, single color… When defining your choice, tell the tattoo artist exactly how you want the result to be so that he has as much information as possible when making your work of art.

Seek references from people you trust. Choosing a competent and professional tattoo artist makes all the difference in the final result of your tattoo as well as in the asepsis of the instruments used. After all, we are talking about a procedure that uses needles and, therefore, the care with sterilization is primordial!

Think a thousand times before impulsively getting a tattoo! Especially if you are thinking of using the girl’s name as a tattoo! Remember that relationships don’t last forever and tattoos last forever. If you really want to pay tribute, just engrave a tattoo on the boy’s head so that you can easily cover it with another image should the day of love end. No matter what your style, you can raise the tattoo as a banner! You can even choose to hide it in certain circumstances, but remember that the marks on your skin are your choice and part of you. Tattoos were once marginalized, but now they have become a symbol of freedom and empowerment, especially for women.

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