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Do you know, that oatmeal does not contain gluten? In oatmeal packages, we can see that it has written that it contains gluten, but some brands are gluten free.

Generally, oat flour is contaminated because it is processed together with gluten-containing foods in the same factory, in the same environment.

If you are allergic and intolerant to gluten, look for the “gluten-free” information on the sealed packaging.

In small cities, it is harder to find, but it is already common to find gluten-free oats in big cities in supermarkets with specific products section and also in natural products stores.

If you don’t have problems with gluten, you can consume the oats contaminated with gluten, because it doesn’t do any harm to people free of allergy or celiac problems and it comes out much more in the account, because it’s a derisory percentage, of gluten that won’t change if you’re on a low carb diet.

If you are celiac or have an allergy or intolerance to gluten and you can’t find it in your city, but through the virtual stores on the internet there are several sites specialized in natural products.


Gluten-free oat bread ingredients.

2 oatmeal cups gluten-free,

1 Xicara of sweet powder,

I soup spoon of instant dry biological yeast for bread;

1 and ½ teaspoon of salt;

1 tablespoon of olive oil;

2 tablespoons of honey, or any sugar that suits you, because it will not change the recipe;

1 and 1/3 of lukewarm water;

How to prepare:

In a container, mix sweet sprinkle, yeast, and oats, mix well, and after mixing add salt and mix a little more. Then add honey and 1 cup of warm water more or less, mix well.

Wait 10 minutes, and add 1/3 of lukewarm water. Pay attention, if the dough gets hard and heavy, keep adding spoonfuls of warm water until it becomes full-bodied and elastic.

Put it in a 22 cm long, 6 cm high, and 8 cm wide form. And to accommodate the dough in the shape, wet your hands and accommodate the dough inside the shape.

Let the bread rest, while the bread rests and grows, turn your oven to 180°C, the bread grows very fast, as soon as the bread fills the pan, put to bake.

Bake for 40 minutes, and only cut the bread when it is cold so as not to break the bread.

Enjoy your meal!


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